My name is Edward C. Stresino.

     The breakthrough occured in highschool. In my sophomore year I became fascinated with spontaneous cell separations as a means of constructing and deconstructing visual images. Eleven years later in 1996 I found myself visualizing landscapes in the same terms. As my self-confidence grew I discovered a technique of my own. I refer to this technique as Circlism and it means to paint by diagramming an image in terms of tiny circles or figures. Words can only begin to project the idea which becomes meaningful when the viewer is in front of a full size painting.

     As I proceed I feel that each painting is a further step ahead. Each painting is becoming more complex and intricate. I see me paintings as a means to achieve more complete awareness and to penetrate more deeply into contemporary perception.

     All my current paintings are 48"x48" inches square which means big in relationship to the minimal images you are looking at on htis website. In order to get the full experience I am now exhibiting the paintings by private appointment. Contact me at my e-mail or P.O.Box which you will find on the contact page.

A Statement about each of my Paintings:

As we enter the world of Circlism we begin to understand the idea of creating or dividing images into bigger or smaller components. In other words, components are visualized in their most particular and integral state of being and then are reintegrated into the composition seen as a whole. This is the enigma that each of us must discover.

Pathway is a pebble stone walkway that leads the viewer into three different paths.

Orchard is a combination of several techniques. Circlism is slowly emerging as a concept in itself. Lovers mark the tree, and find their own personal domain, as they possess it.

The Chase involves the fact that, no matter what, you can’t get away because everyone has his or her eye on you.

Galaxy is a complete Circlist painting. This piece reaches deep into the formation of the planets, stars, and consciousness. These planetary bodies come together in relation to our understanding of the universe by committee or council. Order brings about chaos and visa-versa.

True Love is a projection of landmasses in love that have been thrown together side by side. The love that is shared makes them grow more deeply attached to one another.

Japanese Garden takes Circlism to the next level. Shapes and figures can be utilized to project all kinds of different images. The garden connects by bridging concepts of both family and nature together as one.

Life Force takes the viewer on a journey that once begun takes on a life of its own. The process of birth is a journey into the unknown world that must be taken by all who enter it. The journey doesn’t end with birth. Birth is only the beginning. As a Chinese dissident once stated,” One must learn the world well for it is home to all of us.”

Melody on the Hill juxtaposes different landscapes in relation to one another. A mysterious figure stands in the middle of a vibrating earth.

Heaven and Hell we all have a choice between getting lost in hate or finding truth and reconciliation within oneself. The Hell we all await is truly painful and as punishing as one can imagine. If one is willing to take the road of righteousness and travel through the river of penitence, God is waiting.

King William Street is a mosaic of city life that brings together both the old and the new and perceives it in Circlist fashion. The Masters have set the way and directed us towards the road of fulfillment. It is now time for the Apprentices to take what they’ve learned and apply it.

Interiors-Space Station involves different degrees of jeopardy and hanging on to one’s sanity, as an astronaut must cope quickly and directly with the immediacies and perils of each situation.

The Questor A knight, a soldier, a prince, a conqueror for the ages. He leaves everything vehind because he is searching for his lost love. He is reminded of her beauty, her gentleness, her kindness, and her strength. He tries hard not to loce focus of his quest to dave his loved one from evil an evil force who has entrapped her for his own pleasure.

Fire Department New York Tribute The destruction of the twin towers turned a page in history. The courage and strength of our firemen brought a new meaning to the concept of hero.

Justice for All Equality for all people is a universal battle that engages all of us. The fight for justice is rooted in a human struggle towards this basic human right.

Dare we ask? The viewer faces the captivating beauty. The rolling hills, the crystal blue waters, the enchanted forest, the palatial castle, and the spacious greenhouse creates a peaceful serenity. The “ No Trespassing” sign enforces a sense of security. An open gate, is something in the water? Is there someone hiding? Invisible to the eye danger is all around, but can we see it? An underlying false sense of security prevails.

Molecular Structure of Nucleic Acids Watson & Crick put forward a radically different structure for the salt of deoxyribose nucleic acid. One remarkable thing about the DNA molecule is that it can build an exact copy of itself. A standard biology textbook states; the process of duplicating itself is known as replication. During replication, enzymes break the weak hydrogen bonds the bases of the nucleotides. DNA separates into two halves, and this separation exposes the nucleotide bases to its complementary base- Adenine to Thymine, Guanine to Cytosine. This painting celebrates the marvel discovery of these two scientists and depicts the beauty of their discovery.

Thank you for taking time to understand Circlism. Each painting has its own unique reality. The viewer may perceive something all together different. This is the nature of any work a million variations with a million unique responses. I hope you can see and appreciate each piece as a journey into millions of possibilities.

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